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NEW! |The GoDEX RT863i

GoDEX RT863i
Detailed, micro text can now be consistently printed with unbelievable clarity…

Introducing a new era in 600dpi desktop printing…

Having garnered a stellar reputation for technological innovation, GoDEX are once again changing the desktop printing landscape, with the groundbreaking RT863i model! Never before has micro print quality been produced as fast or efficiently, thanks to an unbeatable 600 dpi resolution. 

Printing text dense, small labels that need to convey a lot of information? Then the RT863i is your go-to choice. Fine/micro text is evenly and consistently printed – blur/smudge-free, despite its extremely fast output. 

Even the most novice label maker can operate the printer in next to no time, thanks to a host of carefully engineered innovations including a 3.2″ colour, touch screen control panel and drop-in label roll holder for easy media installation.

Finally, in a busy production environment, EthernetUSBSerial, and Parallel Ports Standard makes calibration simple and fast.

Recommended Applications…

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare: Tube tags, pharmaceutical Iabels, patient identification, medical records and laboratory specimen tag

Jewellers: Product labelling

Cosmetics: Product/ingredient/directions for use labelling 

Manufacturing: Component labelling, batch labels, electronic equipment calibration, service and test labels

The GoDEX comes with our free start-up software package GoLabel, which makes label designing simple, intuitive and easy. Plus, buy direct from us and you will receive FREE remote and desktop support for the life of your printer.

Order now on 01903 896897 for free shipping and same day dispatch!